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[NO MINUTE MARKS] Early childhood; Moved during Depression; Post-high school careers and recruited into Navy; Navy training in San Diego; Assigned to USS Saratoga; On Saratoga at time of Pearl Harbor; From Pearl Harbor - battles in Japanese region; Battle in Rebal; Joined Allied Fleet and attacked Sumatria; Transferred to USS Pitt in Washington; In the infantry at Zami Shima; On USS Sphinx - test atom bomb at Bikini Island; Ordered to Pensacola Naval station - deep sea diverl; Compress gas school - Virginia; Went to Korea - jumped to USS Lahyte; Developed anti-freeze method for napalm; Guided missile school in California (Ft. Mager); Transferred to White Sands, New Mexico; Guided missile training unit in Indiana; Project Argus - proved Van Allen Belt; Discharged 1959 - worked for Rathern [INDISTINCT] Missile Corp. in California - 5 years; Worked for Navy for 20 years - missiles, long-range planning, department head, security, administrative services; Highlights of career

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