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0:00 basic bio information; 1:20 got married; 1:50 got a job working in a factory; 3:00 wartime job(s); 4:00 volunteered at military hospital; 6:00 difficulties of wartime work; 7:00 working conditions at the factories; 7:00 driver during the war; 9:00 free time at Lake Erie; 9:20 unions at the factories; 9:50 friends and family in the factories; 10:00 life in general during the war/feelings about the wartime years; 11:10 brother in law injured in the war; 11:40 changes in life due to the war; 12:30 radio broadcasts during the war; 13:00 shortages/difficulties during the war; 13:30 war erased divisions between people; 14:00 husband came home; 14:50 phone starts ringing, interview suspended; 15:40 new responsibilities after the war started; 16:30 people shared what they had during the war; 17:20 sister had a baby girl, raised by the whole household; 18:00 social activities during the war; 18:30 celebrated the end of the war by painting the whole house; 18:50 met/made friends with six paratroopers; all died at Anzio beach; 20:00 wartime correspondance/husband's activities during the war; 21:30 "nothing was happy during the war"; 22:00 "nothing wonderful about a war"; 22:50 civil defense initiatives; 23:30 shortages and rationing; 24:50 civilian morale; 26:40 husband comes home from the war; 27:00 post-war celebrations; 27:40 changes in life after the war; 29:00 started a family; 29:20 one thing about the war that is important to share with future generations; 31:00 training for wartime work; 31:30 unions during the war; 32:10 why those factories?

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