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0:00-1:01 Introduction; 1:01-2:29 The location where Schaefer was born, and the places he grew up; 2:29-2:42 Parent's professions; 2:42-2:56 Siblings; 2:56-3:34 The reasons he chose to enlist; 3:34-5:07 The reasons why he chose the Army; 5:07-6:45 Description of basic training; 6:45-13:04 Ranks; 13:04- 15:56 Difference experiences at the different stations; 15:56-18:17 Description of his duties; 18:1-21:11 Schaefer was called back from the reserves; 21:11-29:26 How Schaefer was injured; 29:06-38:31 The ways the Army took care of Schaefer during his recovery process; 38:31-40:45 Metals [Medals]; 40:45-41:53 How he was the only one injured in the attack; 41:53-51:04 Most prominent memories of his service; 51:04- 55:37 On coming home and the American public treatment of him as a veteran; 55:37-1:02:23 Closing words

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