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00:30 Introduction; 1:00 Choosing to enlist and reasons why; 2:00 Why he chose the Army; 2:30 Early days of training camp; 3:30 Adjusting to military life; 4:00 Leave from training and hometown recruiting; 5:00 Sent to Texas and life in Texas; 6:00 Spare time during battle training; 7:00 First deployment to National Training Center [FOLLOWED BY "(CA)"; IN LOG]; 8:00 First tour in Iraq, general facts; 9:00 Life in Baghdad/the people of Baghdad; 10:00 Most memorable moments in Baghdad; 11:36 Emotions that he experienced; 12:10 Friendships formed in Iraq; 12:30 Life after returning to the States; 13:40 Second tour in Iraq; 14:20 Contact with friends and family; 15:40 Awards/medals received; 16:20 Leadership role throughout 2nd tour; 17:30 Return home from 2nd tour; 18:19 Stay in contact with other soldiers; 18:40 Viewpoint on the war; 20:00 Life at UCF vs. life in Iraq; 22:17 The media and the war; 24:03 How war time experiences has affected life at UCF; 25:48 How to relate to people who haven't had the same experiences; 26:23 Significant life lessons taken from experience; 27:21 Friends at UCF also involved in the military; 28:36 Overall experience of being in the Army