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00:09 Introducing the interview with the veteran; 00:56 When and where veteran was born; 01:08 Family: parents' occupations and siblings; 01:46 Life before the service; 02:14 Any family in service; 02:43 Reason for enlistment in Marines; 03:15 What the early days of service and training were like; 05:23 Any specialized training; 06:25 How he adapted to training/physical regimen; 07:06 Where he served; 08:37 What tour on USS Bonhomme Richard was like; 11:04 Any action witnessed?; 13:20 Friendships formed and if he keeps contact today; 16:23 How he kept contact with family and friends; 18:55 Off-duty activities/recreation he participated in; 20:59 Any public receptions when he returned from his service; 22:02 Readjustment to civilian life; 23:03 Goals in college/degree being pursued; 23:42 Opinion in college/degree being pursued; 23:42 Opinion on Central FL supporting or resisting war efforts; 24:16 If Central Florida was/is affected by tour he served; 25:05 How service affected his life; 25:39 Life lessons learned?

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