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0:30 Childhood memories; 0:45 GI Bill, college life; 1:30 Enlisted in Navy; 2:00 Basic training; 2:50 Role on Pacific fleet WWII; 3:30 Japanese surrendering; 3:50 Feelings that war is over; 4:45 UMass GI Bill (journalism); 5:15 Decision for journalism; 6:00 Platoon leader Korean War; 7:00 Commanding officers, Matthew Ridgeway; 7:30 Return home from Korean War; 8:00 Thoughts on WWII; 10:20 Army Reserve officer; 10:45 Resigned before Vietnam War; 11:15 Activities on ship in Pacific; 11:45 Saving ships for future use after WWII; 13:20 Working for Miami Herald; 14:00 Life in Florida; 15:30 Life lessons learned from WWII; 17:30 Reunion in Savannah; 18:00 Graduating, Master's in journalism; 20:00 Showing pictures of wartime service; 21:20 What branch did he enjoy better?; 21:50 Responsibilities as an Army officer; 23:00 5th Infantry regiment; 24:00 End