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1:19 Birthday and childhood; 1:58 Life during the Great Depression; 2:45 Young adult life; 4:30 Sibling veterans; 5:20 Patriotism; 6:05 Parents; 6:40 Women's Auxiliary Army Corps/other options for women wanting to serve; 7:40 Experience in Daytona Beach bootcamp; 8:40 Uniform mishap/bootcamp training; 9:57 Specialized training; 11:45 Length of service/end of the war; 12:50 Activities (extracurricular while serving); 13:40 Life after war; 16:30 Family welcome home reception; 16:50 Adjustment to life after war; 17:10 Continued contact with other veterans; 19:10 Explanations of pictures; 26:00 Final thoughts; 27:15 Activities during basic training; 27:45 Discipline of military; 31:00 Unity withing the country during the Depression; 34:45 Positive outlook on life and country

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