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0:15 childhood, family, religion; 1:00 hearing Pearl Harbor broadcast with friends; 1:45 going to marine recruiting office/put in reserves; 3:10 called to report for duty in July 1942; 3:50 leaving Michigan/swearing in/trip to San Diego/boot camp; 5:00 training in New Zealand; 5:35 troop transport to Tarawa in November 1943; 8:00 arriving at pier/witnessing wounded; 8:30 getting dark on beach/description of Japanese fire; 11:30 getting light/sees bodies; 12:00 beginning of second day of battle/Higgins boat problems; 13:20 getting onto beach/description of bodies; 14:55 Japanese sniper; 15:50 nature of Japanese attacks; 17:24 leaving island/raising of US and UK flags/condition of uniform; 18:33 arriving in Hawaii/unloading wounded/conditions in Hawaii; 20:14 training in Hawaii; 21:40 travel to Siapan May 1944/arrival/shelling of beach; 23:25 enter jungle on Siapan/getting organized/night-time shelling by Japanese; 26:11 description of moon, sunrise/sunsets in South Pacific; 27:30 setting up command post/encountering beheaded Australian soldiers; 30:00 Japanese attack/grenade incident; 31:00 moving to Tinian/finding Japanese money; 32:30 Banzai charge/artillery defense; 34:00 landing on Tinian/further Japanese attacks on position; 35:55 back to Siapan/training for Okinawa; 37:30 Siapan anecdote about chicken/dysentery/visit to field hospital; 41:09 Dengue fever in Tinian; 42:00 interaction with B-29 crews/beer raids; 44:45 arriving in Okinawa/Japanese Zero attacks; 45:40 patrol in Okinawa when Japanese shelling starts/discovery of dead woman; 48:00 hearing news of Japanese surrender/arrival in Nagasaki/bomb damage; 50:10 returning to U.S./arriving in San Diego/Camp Pendleton/Paris island; 52:40 experience back in the U.S./civilian jobs; 53:45 signing up with Army/Occupational Berlin/description of duties; 54:45 Service in Korea/refugees/request for transfer; 57:10 bayonet charge/attack by Chinese and counter-attack; 1:00:00 new position/second attack/Chinese shelling; 1:04:55 running into Chinese soldiers/getting wounded; 1:08:00 Working for Ford Motors/later life

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