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Oral History interview of Leonard Bartos. Interview conducted by Fisher, Ashley; Motta, Daniel at Mr. Bartos' Residence.


0:15 childhood, family, religion; 1:00 hearing Pearl Harbor broadcast with friends; 1:45 going to marine recruiting office/put in reserves; 3:10 called to report for duty in July 1942; 3:50 leaving Michigan/swearing in/trip to San Diego/boot camp; 5:00 training in New Zealand; 5:35 troop transport to Tarawa in November 1943; 8:00 arriving at pier/witnessing wounded; 8:30 getting dark on beach/description of Japanese fire; 11:30 getting light/sees bodies; 12:00 beginning of second day of battle/Higgins boat problems; 13:20 getting onto beach/description of bodies; 14:55 Japanese sniper; 15:50 nature of Japanese attacks; 17:24 leaving island/raising of US and UK flags/condition of uniform; 18:33 arriving in Hawaii/unloading wounded/conditions in Hawaii; 20:14 training in Hawaii; 21:40 travel to Siapan May 1944/arrival/shelling of beach; 23:25 enter jungle on Siapan/getting organized/night-time shelling by Japanese; 26:11 description of moon, sunrise/sunsets in South Pacific; 27:30 setting up command post/encountering beheaded Australian soldiers; 30:00 Japanese attack/grenade incident; 31:00 moving to Tinian/finding Japanese money; 32:30 Banzai charge/artillery defense; 34:00 landing on Tinian/further Japanese attacks on position; 35:55 back to Siapan/training for Okinawa; 37:30 Siapan anecdote about chicken/dysentery/visit to field hospital; 41:09 Dengue fever in Tinian; 42:00 interaction with B-29 crews/beer raids; 44:45 arriving in Okinawa/Japanese Zero attacks; 45:40 patrol in Okinawa when Japanese shelling starts/discovery of dead woman; 48:00 hearing news of Japanese surrender/arrival in Nagasaki/bomb damage; 50:10 returning to U.S./arriving in San Diego/Camp Pendleton/Paris island; 52:40 experience back in the U.S./civilian jobs; 53:45 signing up with Army/Occupational Berlin/description of duties; 54:45 Service in Korea/refugees/request for transfer; 57:10 bayonet charge/attack by Chinese and counter-attack; 1:00:00 new position/second attack/Chinese shelling; 1:04:55 running into Chinese soldiers/getting wounded; 1:08:00 Working for Ford Motors/later life



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World War II; Cold War Era; Korean Conflict

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Contains logs, audio and video recordings of interviews with Central Florida's veterans as part of a history class project for the students at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The UCF Community Veterans History Project(CVHP) started in fall 2010. It collects, preserves, and makes accessible to the public the experiences of Central Florida's veterans so that future generations will better understand the realities of conflict. It is a collaborative endeavor supported by multiple departments and offices at UCF. The veterans' histories are archived and made digitally available through the UCF library and selected materials are contributed to the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.

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RICHES; University of Central Florida


Department of History, University of Central Florida


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