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0:00 Introduction, family background; 1:45 Joining the Army then switching to Navy; 2:30 Reasons why he joined the service; 3:40 First assignments in the military; 4:55 Receiving specialized training in Navy; 5:30 Adjustment to military lifestyle; 7:20 Preparation and training for 1991 Gulf War; 9:15 Reflections on September 11, 2001 attacks; 11:20 Learning about Iraq prior to deployment in 2004; 12:50 Deployment to Iraq; 13:30 First assignment in Iraq and first impressions; 15:00 Getting used to new surroundings in Iraq; 16:10 Change in initial assignment; 18:20 Working with local Iraqi laborers; 19:20 Involved in a mortar attack;20:50 Forming friendships with Iraqi people; 22:15 Teaching locals to build; 23:05 Redeployed to Iraq in 2008; 23:35 Differences between first trip in 2004 and return in 2008; 24:50 Locations visited on second tour; 26:10 Difficulties with Marines high suicide rates; 27:15 Readjustment to civilian life; 28:20 Losing friends he served with; 29:20 Keeping in touch with loved ones while in Iraq; 31:20 Decision to leave military; 32:50 Return to school as an older student and future goals; 34:20 How Iraq changed his life; 35:05 Missing military life; 36:15 Misconceptions of U.S. involvement in Iraq; 38:00 Hopes regarding the future of Iraq; 39:15 Receiving military commendation medals; 40:00 Reflections on the day of the mortar attack; 43:20 Reflections on Iraqi people and their lifestyles