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1:00 Childhood, life and parents; 2:00 Motivation to join; 3:00 Branch Choice and why; 4:00 Boot Camp; 6:30 First Unit to be sent to Kuwait and break borderline; 8:30 Thoughts of Saddam; 11:30 Relationships with Unit; 12:30 Climate Conditions; 14:00 Everyday assignments; 15:00 Baghdad; 17:30 Experience with friend’s death; 18:30 Locals; 21:00 First entering combat; 22:30 Perceptions of the media; 24:30 Locals response to Ba’ath Party; 26:30 Women-did not see very many; 27:30 Reactions of children; 27:45 Locals overall reactions to US troops; 28:00 Local social-economic status; 32:00 Combat; 34:00 Combat and conditions from being in a tank; 35:00 US tactics in Iraq; 37:30 Iraqi Soldiers tactics; 39:00 Preparing for battle compared to real battle; 41:30 Killed Iraqi Guard General; 43:00 Missing the Experience; 44:15 Homecoming; 46:00 Adjusting to civilian life; 46:45 Keeping in touch with friends from unit

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