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1:20 Christopher Galvan formal Staff Sergeant in the Army now 2nd Lt.; 1:37 I joined the Army cause I wanted to jump out of places and shoot guns.; 1:47 I was going to join the Navy but I had a change of heart.; 1:57 The recruiters told me I couldn't control where I was going, what I was to; 2:14 June 18th 1998, 8 days after graduating high school I left for basic; 2:33 I was prepared for what they call a shark attack (the Drill Sergeants); 2:56 totally new environment culture shock; 3:24 typical day, you wake up around 05 and clean up the barracks from; 4:33 Mentally I was more prepared than most; 5:13 not just push-ups along but from exercises; yes; 5:34 basic training yes and no the soldiers in the unit you go to and your leaders; 6:15 March 26th 2003, May 2004 in Iraq. Left little early I went to Kuwait to help; 7:17 It was surreal there was about 1000 of us Army, we parachute in; 8:29 I was Airborne infantry so I was a paratrooper and I was a team leader; 9:08 we jump at around 2 o’clock in the morning; 9:33 when we jumped we took them by surprise, nobody really expected; 10:42 During the first three months we pushed south I call it “the Race South”; 11:30 sleeping 3 to 4 hours a day, walking a lot cause we didn’t have vehicles; 11:55 the culture was the biggest thing, we were prepared and we weren’t; 12:59 I didn’t call them (family) for about six months; 13:20 I would say if don’t here from me that’s good.; 14:18 one day my family used the Red cross Message; 14:43 We eat MRE’s for the first 4 or 5 months; 15:09 You would have some type of meat; 16:05 we know we are going to be operating on limited supplies; 17:44 right now I weigh 205, its 60 pounds a chute; 18:10 Combat was less stressful thing; 19:09 when we jumped we didn’t have any interpreters; 20:25 no I don’t believe luck; 20:54 there is no women in what we do in combat or shirts chasing, jokes.; 22:30 you always have the father figure, the comedian or two comedians; 23:14 the funniest thing can happen at the worst possible time; 24:07 I’m not that kind of person (to keep a journal); 25:02 I received a Bronze Star; 26:41 I got hit by a grenade; 30:02 My enlistment ended June 30th 2006; 33:20 Life become serious, different perspective about life; 34:26 I went to college, got my Bachelor; I also joined the ROTC; 35:28 Two weeks ago they had a reunion with my buddies that served with; 36:43 the positive side is we need to bring the fight to the enemy; overall opinion of army + war, influence of service on life

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