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0:10 Introduction, upbringing ; 0:44 Family life (siblings and husband); Joining Navy; Military family; 3:00 Education in Navy; 3:50 Family opinion of Navy; 4:40 Deployment; 5:00 Enlistment; Rank; 6:10 Physical training in Navy; 6:50 Service in Orlando; 7:00 Alpha and Bravo Drills; 9:00 Current job in Navy; 10:37 Fellow colleagues who are deployed; 11:05 Post deployment physicals; 11:20 Wounded Warrior Programs; 12:57 PTSD; 15:40 Being board certified; 16:35 Social life in reserves; 18:00 Contact with overseas and family for deployed soldiers; 19:35 Objections with the media; 20:13 Reception from community for returning soldiers; compare to Vietnam; 21:10 Opinions on having everyone serve; 21:56 Work ethic in military; 22:30 Professional and military training working together; 23:15 Prepare for deployment front line experience for deployed soldiers; 25:00 Process from enlistment; 26:40 Recommendation to join Navy; 27:50 Experience so far; 28:29 Where she can be sent for deployment; 29:16 How long deployment can last; 30:24 How they prepare you for deployment; 31:18 General military training; 31:50 Physical and online training; 33:05 Final remarks, if you have something to contribute then join the military; 33:47 Clinics for family/kids; 35:25 Exposure to bad press; 36:38 Negative press about soldiers

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