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0:10 Beginning of service, appointed to Naval Academy by Sen. Warren Austin; 0:52 Graduates 1939 from naval academy, goes to Pacific; 1:34 Commanders not informed of likelihood of attack on Pearl Harbor; 2:38 Emperor Ho has divine message to be controlling power; 4:14 Pacific fleet moves to Hawaii to offset any of Japan’s attacks; 4:38 Graduates from naval academy, assigned to Pacific fleet; 5:15 Why Washington doesn’t inform those in Hawaii of possible attack; 8:34 Battleships, his ship was Maryland, target of Japanese – Battleship row; 9:49 Attack on Oklahoma ship; 10:09 Loss of men on his ship, bombs hit stern and bow; 11:11 Discusses birth, will be 95 [spouse interjects]; 11:28 First marriage (of both veteran and his wife), this is his second marriage; 11:54 Meets his present wife, on a cruise as they were part of Navy League; 12:35 Current day activities – parties, their retirement community, golfing; 13:06 Duty at Guantanamo Bay – playing tennis, then takes up gold; 13:40 Experience after Pearl Harbor; 14:15 Goes to war college, then remains on faculty; 14:26 Tour with General Eisenhower in Europe, Paris; 15:15 Goes back to US on ship captured from Germans as Executive Officer, Biminy Experiences; 18:33 After the war, serves as dean at University in Massachusetts; 20:35 Hometown in Vermont, doesn’t want to return after war; 21:50 First day, Japanese bombers on way, attack; 24:08 War over, looking for jobs but depression, decides to stay in Navy; 26:32 Becomes dean of college in Massachusetts; 26:45 Returns to Hawaii on vacation, sees the memorial; 27:33 Cruise ship trips, give talks on the cruises about his experiences; 30:11 Reunions of Pearl Harbor; 30:20 “Can’t trust Washington” – major life lesson; 30:31 Statistic of aging, he is beating the statistic; 32:12 Can’t keep having wars like this, especially with atomic weapons; 34:35 “Tooth story” – General Tojo captured, has to have dentures made – they say “remember Pearl Harbor” in military code; 37:54 How he meets his wife on cruise ship, trip for MOA, Navy League; 39:30 Retirement home development, many military officers

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