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0:00 Intro; 0:41 lived in Germany growing up; 1:14 enlisted in the army; 1:36 technical engineer specialist; 2:21 experience in boot camp; 3:14 specialized training for Iraq; IEDS, training shots, no knowledge of culture before arriving; 4:49 first time in war zone; 7:12 sleeping and living conditions on base; 7:50 weather in Iraq; 8:30 daily life as a soldier in Iraq; 10:08 communication back home; 11:41 r and r; 12:50 interaction with locals in Iraq; 13:43 living conditions of locals in Iraq; 16:47 combat in Iraq; 17:14 weapons – M-4 + 9mm; training to become 51-Tango; 18:12 injured – no, IEDS; 19:20 medals for service – Army Accommodating; War on Terror; 20:00 good luck charms and superstitions, morale, friends from the military; 21:22 media portrayal of military; 22:20 building school in Iraq; 23:19 coming home from Iraq – hero’s welcome; 24:40 end of service – 2010; did not re-enlist because of daughter; 25:35 civilian life – keeping in touch with his battle buddy; excited to come back; 28:44 VA medical center and GI Bill; 29:25 future plans; 29:50 alcohol and drug abuse of soldiers, PTSD; 32:38 advice to first time soldiers, attitude toward war/military, final thoughts