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0:10 Biographical info; family members in military; 1:09 Interest in joining military; 1st Gulf War; 1:35 Enlistment; 1:50 Basic training; Pharmacy Tech School; Nursing School; Ft. Silverbloom, Ft. Sam Houston; 3:20 Adapting to military lifestyle; 4:05 Deployment January 2006-March 2007; 4:20 Training for Iraq; 5:33 In transit to Iraq; staging area in Kuwait; 8:30 Nineveh province; Kurds; 9:18 Interactions with locals; Iraqi police + border patrol; local customs; 11:32 Reactions form Kurds to war; 14:25 Media portrayal of the war; Al-Jazeera; 15:28 Ramadi Counter-Insurgency Campaign; 17:00 Clear-Hold-Build Strategy; 19:51 Iraqi reaction to Clear-Hold-Build; fear for children/families; 21:46 Working with tribes; 22:08 Anbar Awakening and Travis Patriquin; using propaganda; insurgents not good Muslims; 25:20 Concerns of the Iraqi people; 26:16 The fall of Saddam; 27:02 Debathification and unemployment; 28:24 Public violence; 29:13 Second Battle of Ramadi; 31:49 Communication with family; 33:10 Life goals – career military; 34:05 Coming home and adjusting to civilian life; reintegration; 35:50 Contact with other soldiers – Facebook, email; 36:12 Reflections; greater tolerance, less inclined to violence

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