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0:00 Introduction; 0:40 Biographical information; 1:03 Life before service; 1:28 Reasons for joining the service; 2:05 Reasons in choosing the army; 3:08 Life before boot camp; 3:50 Military training; 6:07 Military life; 7:03 Description of wartime service in Latifiya, Iraq; 8:00 Description of action seen in Triangle of Death; 8:08 Infantry assignment; 8:47 Enemy tactics; 10:03 Emotions about the first death witnessed; 11:13 This was not an occupying duty, this was war; 11:45 Discusses Saddam’s rule and American occupation; 12:05 War in 2005 was against radical not Iraqis; 12:38 The dumping of bodies in canals; 13:41 Reality of being in conflict; 14:20 Reflecting on American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan; 15:15 Stopping the spread of radicalism as a noble concept and justification; 16:03 Why American invaded Iraq; 16:39 Should the US be in Iraq; 17:48 Real threat lies in organized radical groups; 18:10 Coming home reception; 18:53 Feeling on anti-war protestors; 19:45 How the US should deal with Iraq; 20:26 The need to defeat the enemy, not create more martyrs; 20:56 How the wartime experience affected his views on the Middle East; 21:44 His need to learn more about the enemy; 22:04 Middle East is not advancing. Still stuck in the 6th and 7th centuries; 22:58 Clerics run the Middle East; 23:33 Discusses the systems of the Middle East; 24:47 Lessons learned from Iraq. Higher value placed on life; 26:29 Conflicts made him feel alive; 28:37 Conclusion of the interviewer’s questions; 28:46 Interviewee’s final remarks. Discusses his part in a bigger cause; 30:15 End of Interview