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1:12 Reasons for joining the Coast Guard and when he joined.; 1:50 Explains that his Grandfather was a Bosons Mate and what that is.; 2:08 Was the Coast Guard what he expected and how it worked out well.2:46 Duty in 1988 when he joined and how that changed.; 5:40 Department of Homeland Security and the shifting coast Guard role.; 6:29 Coast Guard mission in Iraq and the Department of Defense.; 7:47 Navy’s request for Boast Guard assistance in the Persian Gulf.; 8:21 Retirement, State Department Contractor/Port Security Advisor; 9:45 Counter Narcotics in Puerto Rico, Overseas deployment; 11:23 Adjusting to civilian life.; 11:48 Duties in the Command Center/Operations; 13:20 Navy League. Keeps in touch with other veterans.; 13:47 Post 9-11 shift from Department of Transportation to Homeland security.; 15:26 duty, death, and obligation; 18:14 Operation Desert Storm; 19:15 Operation Iraqi Freedom; 20:40 a quick history of the Coast Guard from Treasury Dept. to Homeland Sec.; 22:15 How the Coast Guard changed him and the opportunities that came along; 24:01 Bonds with fellow veterans/servicemen; 24:50 puts duty before politics; 26:00 Favorite places he was stationed. Michigan, Puerto Rico, Orlando; 27:15 Last place stationed (Orlando) and last mission as a Liaison to the Navy; 27:45 Post 9-11 GI Bill for his daughters; 29:00 Administrative and operations tours, transition between the two.; 30:55 Life on a ship, technology improves conditions; 31:45 President George HW Bush Inauguration; 33:20 Boot Camp instructor, Class room training, and Coast Guard history; 34:15 the uniform, does he miss it, what it represents