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0:00:30 Discusses birth, parents, grandparents, and upbringing; 0:03:33 Reuniting with mother: 0:03:51 Experience with German schooling and education; 0:05:14 Culinary school; 0:05:45 Drafted into German Army working force; 0:06:31 Enters German Army as soldier; 0:07:49 Goes to Russia during World War II; 0:08:39 Member of elite tanker division; 0:10:30 Moves with tank unit to Romania. Speaks of tank battle; 0:11:25 Firing at enemy tanks; 0:12:02 Speaks of going on leave; 0:12:35 While on leave seeing what civilian population was going through; 0:13:05 Thoughts on Hitler; 0:13:55 Indoctrination of youth regarding Hitler; 0:14:31 Assassination attempt on Hitler; 0:14:53 Return from leave to his original elite unit; 0:16:09 Unit becomes Hitler's light brigade; 0:16:45 Participation in the Battle of the Bulge; 0:19:30 Experience of being attacked; 0:21:45 Wounded in battle; 0:25:16 Becoming a prisoner of war; 0:26:08 Occupied zone of Germany just after World War II; 0:27:10 Experiences as prisoner and discharge from the Germany Army; 0:30:11 Finding out about the death of his grandparents; 0:31:07 Finds job as baker with American Red Cross; 0:33:39 Works for Officers Club; 0:34:26 Reunites with his father; 0:35:20 Finds out he is a citizen of the United States; 0:36:15 Moves from Germany to New York, NY; 0:37:14 First job in the United States; 0:37:44 Gets married and drafted into United States Army on same day; 0:38:47 Enters United States Army; 0:39:42 Sees racism of the United States south; 0:40:30 Dealing with basic training as former Germany soldier; 0:41:33 Receives order for Korean War; 0:41:47 Is sent to Korea; 0:42:23 Works as combat engineer; 0:42:50 Thoughts on food served by Army; 0:44:00 Alterations made under Mr. Ehmen to meals; 0:44:26 Receives recognition and transfer as cook; 0:45:50 Work collecting mines; 0:47:39 Transfers to I Corps headquarters; 0:48:46 Receives additional recognition and promotion due to his cooking; 0:49:59 How food can positively affect soldier's moral; 0:50:15 Receives discharge and ops to reenlist; 0:50:33 Experience at Fort Know, Kentucky after reenlistment; 0:53:17 Promotion to mess-Sergeant; 0:53:25 Relocated with Division to Germany; 0:54:16 Transfer to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and again works as combat engineer; 0:54:46 Receives promotion and returns to Third Infantry Division to supervise; 0:58:02 Is sent to Fort Dix, New Jersey to works as instructor for Army cooks; 0:59:18 Receives orders and is sent to Vietnam assigned to artillery battalion; 1:00:14 Experience of being attacked by Vietcong; 1:01:03 Thoughts on aging and his job in the Army; 1:02:00 Is transferred to military command; 1:02:09 Compares General Westmoreland to General Abrams; 1:03:25 Sent to Fort Hood, Texas; 1:05:17 Promoted to Master Sergeant; 1:05:37 Receives orders to be sent to Thailand; 1:05:56 Assigned to Thailand hotel used for R&R for military pilots and receives co; 1:07:06 Is transferred to Special Forces in Thailand to run club system; 1:07:45 Physicality of being attacked to a Special Forces Unit; 1:08:05 Experiences the death of a friend during a training mission, starts thinking; 1:09:25 Receives orders to join 1st Infantry Division in Fort Riley, Kansas to run; 1:09:34 Speaks to the breakdown of discipline in the Army after the Vietnam War; 1:11:21 Talks of civilian revolt and protests against the Vietnam War; 1:12:45 Changes that occurred after conversion to all volunteer army; 1:13:05 Discusses retirement from the military and the reasons for it; 1:14:28 Modern day military and the brainwashing of entering privates; 1:15:50 Cross training for military personnel leaving the military; 1:17:10 Chooses to leave hotel job and collect military pension and unemployment; 1:18:47 Applies for job as food service manager and ends up working at this job for; 1:20:29 Decides to leave retirement and work for Brokerage Company that handled; 1:23:27 Talks of his children, grandchildren, and their current jobs; 1:26:40 Final thoughts.