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0:38 Describes birth and early life; 0:56 Chooses army, gets in delayed entry program; 1:15 Families military lineage; 1:40 Reasons for enlisting; 4:13 Basic Training; 6:12 Describes 9/11; 8:08 Gets orders to go to Japan; 9:47 Describes working with the Japanese Army; 11:00 Transition from Japan to Germany; 13:24 Describes life in Germany; 15:01 Tells us about being in the Army Band; 15:59 Describes Army Soldier Show; 17:28 Describes becoming an Honorary Blackhawk with the 1st Armored Division; 18:08 Sings at army birthday ball in Washington, D.C.; 19:05 Tells us about returning home; 21:45 Describes meeting horrible people in the military; 23:24 Tells us views of military, after serving; 26:04 Describes changes in military; 27:09 Tells us about the injuries he received during training; 28:26 Describes 'the box'; 29:27 Tells us about being the main MC for festivities in Japan; 30:30 Tells us about Japanese culture; 34:06 Describe issues with racist officers; 35:25 Describes working with the NBC officers; 37:23 Tells us about the military experience; 40:09 Tells us about changes we need to make for veterans; 41:22 Describes problems veterans face when coming home; 44:30 Tells us about plans he's enacting make Valencia more veteran friendly; 45:01 Conclusion.