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0:16 Introduction - Robert G. Varkonyi; 0:40 Childhood and family; 1:31 Flood in 1926; 1:45 Education; 2:39 Prior Knowledge: Korean War, Draft; 4:00 Basic Training; 5:00 Linguist, Military Service, Germany; 6:30 Germany, Western Zone, Purpose of going into Germany; 8:00 40th Signal Battalion, Communications, Role and duties; 9:08 Linguistic and roles; 10:49 Displaced persons; 13:10 Views of the Germans and Half Eastern European; 15:00 German Prisoners of Wars, Siberia, Salt Mines, Slave Labor Camps; 21:15 Biggest accomplishment: Self Defense; 22:51 Social life; 25:00 Comparison between American and European poverty; 27:54 After the military; 28:52 Sputnik; 30:29 Moral values; 32:41 Depravity of human kind; 35:48 Central Florida; 38:00 Last words: Social life and accidents.