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1:35 Life on Madeira Island, Portugal; 3:15 Living under the Salazar dictatorship in Portugal; 5:00 Life in the United States before military service; 7:55 Experiences in the Civilian Conservation Corps; 12:25 Draft Experience; 13:45 Volunteers to be reconnaissance photographer; 14:25 Refuses R and R; 16:20 Coming home; 17:05 Joins 'Victory at Sea' film crew during Korean War; 17:50 Experiences with the natives of New Guinea during the war; 19:15 Relations with the natives of New Guinea; 20:50 Biac, New Guinea Bob Hope show gets attacked; 21:40 Description of Japanese soldiers; 22:15 Reactions to malaria pills; 23:15 Typical day in the 400th Bombardment Group; 23:50 The Red Cross; 24:30 Description of crew duties on a B-24; 25:35 Problems with extra fuel tanks in the B-24; 26:25 Outlook on World War Two; 26:45 Experiences in the South Pacific during World War Two; 27:50 Hurricane in the Philippines; 28:10 The roles of Sea Bees and runways; 29:00 Guarding aircraft during the war; 30:10 Liberation of the Philippines and the return of MacArther; 31:40 The truth about combat; 32:50 Experiences in a Marine Boot Camp; 33:50 Thoughts on Japanese soldier tactics; 34:10 Kamikaze attacks and the Japanese mindset; 36:40 Japanese surrender; 37:05 Thoughts on the Atomic Bomb and Tokyo Rose; 39:25 Problems with readjustment back into civilian life; 42:05 Reflections on Military Service; 42:55 Decision to move to Florida and the retirement years; 45:05 Changes in Florida between World War Two and the Present; 46:35 Reflections on life in the United States.

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