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1:45 First job as a mechanic and his second job as an apprenticeship; 4:45 Joining the Civilian Technician Unit and Station X; 5:26 Shipped to New York; 7:16 Shipped to England on the Queen Mary; 9:00 Discharged to Glasgow & 1st tea time; 10:15 Warrington stay for 1 to 2 years; 12:00 Resigned as a civilian technician and joined the merchant marines; 13:05 Board on the S.S. Dwight L. Moody (1st Voyage); 14:05 Description of his assignment; 16:25 Defines what 'pay off' means; 19:30 Board to South Pacific on a Liberty Ship (2nd Voyage); 22:35 Arrived to Port Moresby, New Guinea; 23:15 Island Hopping story; 25:24 1400 American Airman joined on board; 28:04 The Deck Games (Hollandia, New Guinea); 31:00 Convoy formation story; 36:30 Discharged to the states; 37:35 VE Day; 39:00 Board to Yugoslavia; 40:45 Board to North Africa; 42:40 Pay off in Philadelphia; 43:00 Board to Port Bordo in France; 45:00 Japanese attack in the S. Pacific story; 47:50 VE & VJ day reactions; 49:20 Certificate; 50:00 Life after way; 51:15 Love story; 54:20 Impacts of the war; 56:00 Life Philosophy; 57:00 Family.

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