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0:35 Parents and living in Texas; 1:50 Camp Lejeune in September 1964; 2:20 Shore party man; 3:25 First look at the Marine Corps; 4:35 Sir did you say... Drill Instructors; 7:00 Caribbean Cruise; 9:10 From Okinawa to Vietnam; 11:45 Landing in Vietnam; 12:55 Unloading transport ships for 3 months; 16:00 The rats came out at night; 18:20 The last day in Vietnam, August 1966; 19:50 Laundry truck; 22:30 I ain't going in that bunker; 24:15 Marine Security Guard; 25:20 Embassies now are like fortresses; 27:05 Bogota, Columbia; 28:55 Brother and sister in the apartment; 29:50 Bogota is traffic hell; 30:20 After Marines, tried to act like a normal person; 31:25 UPS; 32:00 Navy Second Chance Program for Helicopter Maintenance; 33:15 Merchant Sealift Command. USS Chavanez; 34:15 Exploring the Pacific; 36:05 Did the mail runs; 36:40 Hawaii treated military men very well; 38:05 Possible ditching at sea; 40:10 C-130 crash in Bolivia; 44:00 ESP, always one step ahead; 47:25 Panic, life threatening situation; 49:05 Education is really important; 51:10 'Day 1 and Counting'; 51:50 Camaraderie, brotherhood that's unique; 53:45 The important things in life.