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0:39 Biographical Information; 1:10 Education in Corinth, Mississippi; 2:30 Meeting his wife in Quantico, Virginia; 3:20 Influences in his life; 4:43 Volunteering for Officer Candidate School at Quantico; 5:30 Friends who served in the military; 6:00 Family members who served in the military; 6:26 Views on the military before going to Vietnam; 7:00 American's view on the Vietnam War; 7:46 Explanation for America's view on Vietnam and the war; 8:24 Views on the North Vietnamese before going to war; 9:14 Talks about Officer Candidate School's physical training; 12:15 First reaction to being an Infantry Officer in Vietnam; 12:41 Treatment in Vietnam War; 13:00 Job duties in the Vietnam War; 17:28 Views on the locals/natives of Vietnam/Knowing Lt. Chu's Family; 19:22 Novice in the Vietnamese language; 20:06 Developments of friendships of Marine Corps Officers & Enlisted; 21:10 Disadvantages/Advantages of being in the Marine Corps; 22:39 Funniest moment and experience while being in the Marine Corps; 27:04 First reaction when leaving Vietnam and the Marine Corps; 27:39 Explanation of the treatment when returning to the United States; 30:52 Explanation of the good things the military did; 31:08 Saving and taking care of North Vietnamese prisoners; 33:04 Explaining how the media is to blame for the Vietnam War; 34:18 Currently volunteering and apart of numerous military organizations; 35:43 Working for the YMCA after the Vietnam War; 36:25 Speaking at colleges and universities about his military life; 37:37 Marine Corps affect after serving in Vietnam; 38:22 Coverage we didn't discuss; 41:02 Conclusion.

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