Spring 2019


Allen Watters,


Gottfried Bohm was destined to the drafting table from the beginning due to his father being a successful architect. Early in Bohm’s career he followed his father’s footsteps designing small churches until around the end of world war two in which he found his calling, and that was to rebuild the rubble left by the hand of war into something greater than before. Bohm always maintained a level of passion in his work, always relating his work to a bigger picture, making connections with lineage and history. As a member of the “Society for the Reconstruction of Cologne” he not only rebuilt what was damaged, but made the environment in Cologne better with his innovative and sentimental designs. By maintaining an observable design ideology he was acknowledged by the most prestigious organization awarding him the Pritzker Prize, a definitive note of success. He still lives today enjoying his life’s work and watching his son follow his footsteps in the world of design.


Gottfried Bohm, Architecture, Architectural History 3, ARC3743