BMP Trains

Evaluation of the Performance Efficiency of the New York Avenue Exfiltration Facility

Stormwater Academy, University of Central Florida

This report summarizes activities associated with a stormwater retrofitting project in Winter Park consisting of an exfiltration system. The project was funded, in part, by a TMDL Water Quality Restoration Grant. The report describes the contributing drainage area, pre-project stormwater pollutant loadings, post-project stormwater pollutant loadings, and summarizes the results of the monitoring program to document stormwater pollutant load reductions. Results of the monitoring program demonstrated that the exfiltration system reduced stormwater volume, TN loads, TP loads, and TSS loads by 83%. TN loadings were reduced from 105.5 kg/yr to 17.9 kg/yr; TP loadings were reduced from 27.1 kg/yr to 4.6 kg/yr, and TSS loadings were reduced from 3252 kg/yr to 553 kg/yr.