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From artist statement:

“New Chapters” is a three piece series that depicts the stages of my life. Each book reflects on its originally give title as it pertains to my own life. The first book of the series, Home Song, portrays my childhood, where I spent most of my free time in the backyard, eating fresh oranges from the tree. The text remaining from the book pages foreshadows into the next book Another City, Not My Own, which illustrates when I moved away from my hometown to the much larger city of Orlando. I felt lost, overwhelmed, emptiness, and loneliness without my family by my side. The final piece, Happy Endings of the series expresses my current life. I had recently lost my grandmother and due to COVID-19 was not able to see her or my family until the last few weeks we had together. I am still heavily grieving but doing my best to remind myself that she is watching over me and try my best to make her proud.




John C. Hitt Library


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