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From artist statement:

A concrete definition of “true love” is elusive. Often, many of us cease to believe that it even could be real. As an artist, I focus my work on redeeming tainted views of love and resurrecting the hope that it truly exists.

My artist book is meant to be read as a love letter to whoever encounters it. As the viewer moves through the work, they encounter a series of statement, inviting them to explore the idea of true love for themselves. I used hand dying techniques to create the fabric of the cover and give a soft texture to the book. I also included lace detailing to create a closure for the book, keeping all the pages hidden inside, and requiring the viewer to further interact with the work. The handwritten text to pay homage to traditional letter writing and create a sense of intimacy with the viewer. Each page is filled with butterfly imagery, with each butterfly hand stamped using caligo ink. I used the butterfly as the primary form of symbolism in this work to include the ideas of beauty and transformation into our interpretation of true love. The color palette is meant to create a sense of comfort and peace that gives the viewer a safe place to explore their own hearts. The mirror on the very last page invites the viewer to see their own beauty, accept it as their own, and recognize the true love that lies within themselves.




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