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From artist statement:

When planning my final project, I knew I wanted to incorporate some of my core values while also showcasing my personality. Christianity is a large part of what makes me who I am, so I decided to create a book that reflected this. As I was considering ideas for my final artist book, I was also studying the first book of the Bible, Genesis. I remember thinking how, throughout all the artist books we have studied this semester, there has not been on that emphasizes the topic of religion. Genesis is a story of creation. It speaks to how the Christian God created the world by speaking light into the darkness. For me, this story is inspiring and makes my imagination run in a million different directions. To simplify the message, I decided to choose a single verse that summarizes much of the main point.

After settling on a topic and verse, my next step was to think about design. If anyone knows me personally, they know that I have a slight obsession with stars. I wear a star necklace almost everyday, have lots of star-themed clothing, and even have a small star tattoo. In the begging of this course, it was clear to me that I wanted at least one of my projects to incorporate a star design. While the idea did not seem to fit the concepts of my first two projects, a star design was perfect for my final book. To me, stars represent light, beauty, and rarity: the exact qualities that this verse illustrates. I chose a pastel color palette to add a little fun to the seriousness of the message, and to generate an inviting sensation. In the actual text, there is a single red word that moves one-by-one throughout each page. This simulates the eyes of the reader considering the meaning of each word as they are articulating the meaning of the message. As the reader flips though the book, the red word moves along with them.




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