Zhefu Wan


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Davy board, found fabrics, found game pieces, found jar, inkjet printing, ink, color pencils, black Arches paper, Bristol paper, found box


Alice in Wonderland is a well-known story, and I really love the different characters in this story. It is why I decide to make my own edition of Alice in Wonderland. This is a hardcover book in a box with some special cards and a glass bottle of dice and chessman. This book has three parts; the first part and the last part are simple black pages with white texts. I want to make those parts look like a video game conversation, and it will support the second part, a board game which is made of nine pages of illustrations. Therefore, this book is more playful, and I think the video games part go well with the board game. After all, you can see the last part actually is repeating the first part but not all the content. So, who is Alice?


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