Hannah Moore


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Davy board, book cloth, ink, color pencils


The Poem of a Home is the wordless story of the house that I grew up in. Every page turns a corner around the outside of a gray house with great intentionality. Every door and every window shows a glimpse into a home that is lived in and loved by many people. Once you complete the journey (which starts at the back door and works its way around to the front of the house.) you can enter the household to study a whole new set of illustrations.

Although they are not accurate depictions of the likeness of my house in its current state, each room eludes to something greater. Each hand colored and drawn illustration are reminiscent of the children’s stories my father read to me as a child, and each empty picture frame is left to the imagination to fill with pictures of family.

In its pulled out position the full view of the house can be seen in its entirety, and holds all of the nostalgia associated with childhood. A dollhouse. A children’s story. A picture book. And even, the home of a family. The Poem of a Home lacks the actual words for poetry, but opens the doors to enter your own story of childhood, or even to create a new story.


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