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Stream of Consciousness is a really personal book to me, and it records what I think before bed. I enjoy the time period of getting in the bed and before I fall into sleep, and it is the inspiration of this book. The quietness allows me to clean off my brain, and a lot of random thoughts come out during this fifteen minutes, well, most times. Ideas are crossing over my brain; they are good and bad, but I enjoy them all.

These random thoughts remind me who I am and where I am at. They help me to see the real me, my strength, and weakness; they help me to understand what I want, what I need and what I have.

I organized those ideas into four parts, and each of them is started with the letter L. They are Lonesome, Life, Lost, and Love. "Lonesome" is about the place I come over, what my root gives. "Life" is more of what I have understood from my life experience. "Love" Represents the attitude I have about affection. "Lost" is part of my weakness, the struggles I have and the shadows of life. I have learned a lot about myself during making this book, and it has taught me how to be a better me.


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