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"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"; no dinner?.


This little brochure is an amusing take on the "before and after" advertising theme applied to a product for scouring and blacking cast iron stoves. In the first illustration, the lady of the house has worked all day to clean her stove with an inferior product (no better than "mud) with poor result, and she takes out her frustration on her man, who has arrived home expecting a good dinner. The table is bare. "Look yere, old man! What kind o' stove blacking you call dat? Ise been rubbin' on dat stove all morning' an' it don't gib it a polish worf a cent. You jest git de RISING SUN STOVE POLISH right away, or dar'l be trouble. You think I got time to 'speriment with such mud?" In the second case, after the proper polish has been obtained, the lady of the house has shined up her stove in no time at all, and she has set the dinner table with quite a spread - the delicious aromas of her cooking are rising in steam from the table. Even the family cat is content, rubbing against her leg. "Com in, Ephraim! Ise not mad with you dis time, case yer sent me de genuine RISING SUN STOVE BLACKING; an' it shines de stove in good shape. An' here's yer dinner all ready. Somethin' again yer? No, deed I haven't; yer tink ise an anjul to get along without good Stove Polish?" "The Rising Sun Stove Polish. "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever." Cautionary information regarding staining of hands and deception by other stove polishes in published here (Page 2).


African American women -- Women, Black -- Caricature -- Advertisements -- Advertising -- Blacks -- African Americans in art -- African Americans -- Collectibles -- Ads -- Black Americana -- 1885-1895

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Morse Bros. (Proprietor)

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African American Legacy: The Carol Mundy Collection, 1794-2010.
UCF Special Collections Manuscripts - 5th Floor -- CFM2009_02


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The rising sun stove polish.