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This image is of a Sunday church service about to begin in Heyn Chapel at Bethune-Cookman University. The school refers to it as "Sunday Community Meetings." The chapel has white walls and a white, wood-beam roof, with large windows on the side with wooden blinds. Four handing lightbulbs run down the center of the roof. A space heater can be seen by a window to the right of the image. The congregation consists of African Americans and some Caucasians. Most of the congregation is seated, while three female and three male students stand along the perimeter. The standing male students are in the church foyer, sillhouetted in sunlight coming through the double doors. All present are dressed in white Sunday dress; some of the men and women are wearing white hats. The men and boys are wearing dark jackets. The women and girls are wearing long-sleeved dresses, with ribbons tied on the front. The students are seated on the right side of the congregation, occupying the first three rows. The left side of the congregation is nearly full, with men, women, and children. May McLeod Bethune stands in the aisle at the center of the image, looking up at the photographer. Behind her is a line of her female students, perhaps in the middle of a procession. Mary McLeod Bethune is wearing a long white dress with long sleeves and white dress shoes. The image is taken from the pulpit, with the photographer standing behind the podium. A Bible can be seen at the forefront of the image laying on top of the podium. To the right of the Bible are two rolled up pieces of paper tied with ribbon, and a small glass of water sitting on a plate. The photographer of the image is unknown. The image is mounted to a cardboard frame. On the front of the image is written in pen, "B.C.C. old Chapel." On the back of the image is written in pen, "Made in 1918."




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Bethune, Mary McLeod (1875-1955)

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Bethune-Cookman University

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Bethune-Cookman University Photograph Collection

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