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Annual catalog providing pertinent information at the time for the students. It includes information about the university and its academic programs, and also rules and regulations regarding student life and activities. The catalog also includes images of the campus buildings, as well as photos of female students in a variety of classroom settings. NOTE: Members of the Board of Trustees included Theodore Roosevelt, son of President Theodore Roosevelt; James N. Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble company; and Dorothy Whitney Elmhirst, heiress and descendent of Eli Whitney. Members of the Advisory Board included Miss Jane Addams of Chicago, Illinois, and Lady Armstrong, wife of jazz musician Louis Armstrong.


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Bethune-Cookman College


Table of Contents: Calendar, p. 4; Trustee Board and Executive Committee of Trustee Board, pp. 5-6; Finance and Investment Committee, p. 6; Advisory Board-- Resident and Non-Resident Members, pp. 7-8; Officers of Administration, p. 9; Officers of Instruction, pp. 9-10; Other Officers, p. 10; Student Assistants, p. 10-11; Faculty Committees, p. 12; Sponsors of Classes and Literary Societies, p. 13; Executive and Administrative Offices, p. 14; History of Bethune-Cookman, pp. 15-16; The Organization, p. 17; Description of Grounds and Buildings, pp. 18-19; Religious Life, p. 20; Student Organizations and General Regulations, p. 21; Registration and Examination, p. 22; Requirements Regarding Students' Clothing (Boys and Girls), pp. 22-23; Students Duties, p. 24; Regulations Pertaining to Trunks and Baggage, p. 24; Students' Expenses, p. 24; Rules Regarding Deficient Records, p. 25; Requirements for Admission to Normal School, pp. 25-26; College Course Outline, p. 27; Physical Education, p. 28; English, pp. 28-29; Mathematics, p. 29; Science, p. 29; French, p. 29; History, p. 30; Sociology, p. 30; Education, pp. 30-31; High School Course, p. 32; High School Course Outline, p. 33; Eighth grade, p. 34; High School Courses (Description): English, p. 35; Mathematics, p. 36; Science, p. 36-37; Latin, p. 37; History, p. 38; Economics, p. 38; Teacher Training, pp. 38-39; The Business Course, pp. 40-42; Home Economics Department, pp. 43-46; Art Department, pp. 47-48; Nurse Training, pp. 48-49; Department of Music, pp. 50-53; Register of Students, pp. 54-56; Summary of Enrollment, p. 61; Annual Prizes, p. 62-63.

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