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Article and photo from "The Sanford Herald" edition of Sunday, July 12, 1956 contain information about the construction and remodeling of St. Luke's Lutheran Church and a photo of the principal people involved in the planning: Pastor Stephen Tuhy, Joseph Hvizdak (building chairman); W.A. McCree (contractor) and James Gamble Rogers II (architect). The original newspaper articles and other church documents were placed in a copper box and sealed in the cornerstone of the building in August, 1956 (along with mementos from the first cornerstone, which had been interred in 1939). "The Sanford Herald" articles and other items were discovered when the 1956 cornerstone was opened in 1991. Contents were then transferred to a PVC "time capsule" and interred in the floor of the narthex of a newly-built facility in April, 1993. Most recently (2011) that capsule was opened...allowing the church to create digital versions of the contents...and, along with more recent artifacts and texts... to inter the time capsules again for another future generation to discover

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Sanford, Fla.: Sanford Herald;

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Tuhy, Stephen M., Rev.; Hvizdak, Joseph; Rogers, James Gamble II; McCree, W.A.; Construction-1956; "Sanford Herald"; Time capsule; Cornerstone


St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School; DSpace at St. Luke's

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St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Brick church 1957-1992; St. Luke's Church Archives






Seminole County, Fla.

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