Narrow Topic - Needs Assessment



Bullough, Robert V., Jr., and Craig Kridel, "Adolescent Needs, Curriculum, and the Eight-Year Study," Journal of Curriculum Studies, 35(March, 2003), 151-169., Robert V. Bullough Jr. and Craig Kridel

Annotation: Describes the historical debate over adolescent needs among members of the Progressive Education Association during the period of the Eight-Year Study; traces views of Alberty, Zachry, Thayer, and Bode; discusses the role of social philosophy in current curriculum development.

Broad Topical Focus: Curriculum Visions and Philosophies, Curriculum Theorists
Source Discipline: Curriculum
Mode of Inquiry in the Study: Historical Inquiry
Type of Study: Single Study
Narrow Topic: Curriculum History, Democratic Education, Needs Assessment, Value Assumptions and Ideologies in Curriculum, Classics of Curriculum Literature

Fine, Michelle, Just Research in Contentious Times: Widening the Methodological Imagination. New York: Teachers College Press, 2018., Michelle Fine

Annotation: Reviews research done by the author over the past thirty years using critical action research methods; makes the case for this kind of research in giving voice to change needed in the education of the oppressed and marginalized.

Broad Topical Focus: Curriculum Contexts and Societal Influences, Curriculum Inquiry Guidelines
Source Discipline: Education
Mode of Inquiry in the Study: Critical Inquiry, Action Inquiry
Type of Study: SIngle Study
Narrow Topic: Knowledge Generation, Ethical Issues in Curriculum, Qualitative Research, Needs Assessment

King, Jennifer A., "Meeting the Educational Needs of At-risk Students: A Cost Analysis of Three Models," Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 16(Spring, 1994), 1-19., Jennifer A. King

Annotation: Compares the Slavin (Success for All), Levin (Accelerated Schools), and Comer (School Development) models of elementary curriculum and their relative costs.

Broad Topical Focus: Curriculum Policies and Policy Making, Curriculum Development, Organization, Design, Curriculum Evaluation, Curriculum Administration, Leadership, Finance
Source Discipline: Curriculum
Mode of Inquiry in the Study: Scientific/Empirical Inquiry
Type of Study: Single Study
Narrow Topic: Alternatives in Education, Needs Assessment, Elementary School Curriculum