Deng, Zongyi, "Michael Young, Knowledge, and Curriculum: An International Dialogue," Journal of Curriculum Studies, 47(No. 6, 2015), 723-732.


Zongyi Deng


Introduces six essays following this editorial preview that are concerned with commenting on Michael Young's 2013 essay in this journal that called for curriculum theorist to address the question of what knowledge students are entitled to have access to in a curriculum; this essay summarizes the six essays around three topics derived from Young's essay; commentaries are by curriculum theorist from USA, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA, and Canada; Young's response to these essays follows.

Broad Topical Focus

Curriculum Conceptions and Theories

Source Discipline


Mode of Inquiry in the Study

Theoretical/Conceptual Inquiry

Type of Study

Collection of Studies

Narrow Topic

Content Selection and Organization, Curriculum and the Disciplines, School Subjects


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