Dei, George J. Sefa,"Revisiting the Question of the Indigenous," pp 291-309 in Joao M Paraskeva and Shirley R. Steinberg, eds., Curriculum: Decanonizing the Field. New York: Peter Lang, 2016.


Challenges the notion of universal knowledge as a basis for curriculum content; makes the case for incorporating a variety of indigenous knowledges into the curriculum; posits an indigenous discursive framework.

Broad Topical Focus

Curriculum Conceptions and Theories, Curriculum Development, Organization, Design

Source Discipline


Mode of Inquiry in the Study

Philosophical Inquiry-Speculative Essay

Type of Study

Single Study

Narrow Topic

Content Selection and Organization, Ideology and School Knowledge, Knowledge Generation, Curriculum and Politics, Ethical Issues in Curriculum, Value Assumptions and Ideologies in Curriculum


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