Pinar, William F., and Madeleine R. Grumet, "Socratic Caesura and the Theory-Practice Relationship," Theory Into Practice, 21(Winter, 1982), 50-54. Reprinted pp. 92-100 in William F. Pinar, ed., Contemporary Curriculum Discourses . Scottsdale, AZ: Gorsuch Scarisbrick, 1988.


Draws on Nicholas Lobkowicz's Theory and Practice (an historical review of the relaion between theory and practice) and argues that questioning curriculum practice is the role of curriculum theory.

Broad Topical Focus

Relation of Curriculum Research to Practice,Inquiry Language in Curriculum Research

Source Discipline


Mode of Inquiry in the Study

Philosophical Inquiry-Conceptual Analysis,Philosophical Inquiry-Speculative Essay,Historical Inquiry

Type of Study

Single Study

Narrow Topic

Curriculum Theory Creation and Uses


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