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Joseph Longhany

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This interview was conducted as part of the Fall 2021 HIS3600, Professionalizing History Majors, class. Caitlin Box interviews Joseph Longhany, a 43-year-old professor that teaches in the department of writing and rhetoric, via zoom about the impact of COVID-19 on their life. Professor Longhany first brings up their housing situation and how the process of moving during the pandemic was a stressful time. Professor Longhany talks about how they maintained a healthy lifestyle and stayed active during this time. They mention how they think the next pandemic is brewing and that people should put focus on how we treat animals. There was also talk about the governor’s response and how that ends up affecting what UCF can mandate during this time. Overall, Professor Longhany’s experience with COVID was a bit stressful, but they felt as though they were one of the lucky ones.

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