The following is a summary of the main findings of the above research: 1. Visitation to Spain For Americans, Spain is a relatively unvisited destination. Close to three fourths of American overseas travelers have never visited Spain . Of those who visited, three fourths visited Spain for vacation purposes . Two thirds of American visitors did not use tour packages . 2. Interest in visiting Spain (in the next three years) The interest in visiting Spain is high. Sixty two percent of sampled overseas travelers expressed an interest in visiting Spain in the next three years. Assuming a 4% national rate of participation in overseas travel among the 215 million of American adults, the total number of potential interested travelers to Spain is 5.3 million Americans. Of those who are not interested in visiting Spain, the major reasons are: desire to see other countries first, negative opinions about Spain, perception of Spain being an expensive destination, and lack of information about Spain. 3. Perceptions of Spain For the most part, the perceptions of Spain are very positive. A. Distance and Cost The perceived flying time and airfare between New York and Madrid is relatively accurate. (mean = 7.9 hours, and $808 respectively) . B. Images of Spain * Sunny destination * Beautiful architecture * Not boring * Beautiful beaches * Different foods * Spaniards are honest people * Interesting cities * Safe place to visit * Great shopping bargains * Great night-life, food & entertainment * Modern roads * Similar to Latin America (mildly) * Inundated with European tourists * Modern hotels * Spaniards are hospitable to tourists * Not an out-of-the-way destination for Americans * English is not widely spoken * Many historical sites * Americans are not disliked in Spain 4. Advertising Awareness Spanish Advertising awareness is relatively low among overseas travelers. Close to fifty percent of overseas travelers have rarely or ever, seen Spanish tourism advertising. Of those who have seen Spanish advertising, Newspapers (52%) and Magazines (32%) were mentioned the most, followed by TV (12%) and Brochures (9%). 5.Magazines Read by Overseas Travelers Time, Newsweek, Travel and Leisure, Business week , New York Magazine and Fortune are the most read magazines by overseas travelers. 6. Likelihood to Visit Spain in the Next Three Years The expressed likelihood to visit Spain in the next three years is relatively high, especially in combination with other countries. Thirty five percent of the polled travelers stated that they will probably or definitely visit Spain in the next three years. More than three fourths prefer to do in a combined trip with other countries. 7. Profile of the Potential Traveler to Spain Potential travel to Spain can be predicted by a set of behavioral, attitudinal, demographic and readership characteristics of overseas travelers. Potential traveler is defined as an overseas traveler who either traveled to Spain in the past, is interested in travel to Spain or is likely to travel to Spain in the next three years. The following characteristics were found to be related to potential travel to Spain: Behavioral and Attitudinal Characteristics Potential travelers to Spain tend to have the following behavioral & attitudinal characteristics: * Have heard or seen Spanish travel advertising * Have travailed significantly overseas in the last five years * Perceive Spain as a night-time & entertainment destination * Do not perceive Spain to be a boring place to visit * Are interested in Spain's cities * Travel to enjoy new cultures and new ways of living * Like to mix with local people and experience local culture * Believe that Spanish people are hospitable to tourists * Believe that Spanish people do not dislik Americans * Do not believe that vacationing in Spain is like vacationing in Mexico * Think that Spain has beautiful architecture * Think that Spain has many historical sites to visit * Perceive Spain to be a safe place to visit * Enjoy traveling to historical places * Go on foreign vacations to all countries, not just those that are friendly to the U.S.A. * Prefer to go on individual overseas vacation trips rather than organized trips Demographic Characteristics Potential travelers to Spain tend to have the following demographic characteristics : * Males (more than females) * Speak Spanish as a second language * Are single or divorced (more than married or widowed) * The destination chooser is male or children (more than females) * Reside in: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco

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