The purpose of the following project was to investigate and propose methods that can be implemented to measure the effectiveness of the following tourism sales promotion programs that are widely used by the Florida Division of Tourism and other Florida tourism operators: - Trade shows - Consumer shows - Sales blitzes - Familiarization trips - Educational seminars For this purpose a study consisting of the following four phases was undertaken: 1. A survey of the methods currently used by other states. 2. A survey of the methods currently used by other industries. 3. An analysis of the methods used by the-Florida Division of Tourism and other tourism operators. 4. Recommendation of methods to be used in further sales promotion programs. The results of phase one of our investigation showed that despite a wide-spread participation in tourism sales promotion activities by most state travel offices in the U.S., only a minority of those offices use quantitative techniques to evaluate their effectiveness. The methods used to measure the effectiveness of these activities were found to be very diversified. Phase two of the investigation found that, unlike the tourism industry, in all other industries the measurement of the effectiveness of sales promotions is frequent and widespread. More than a dozen techniques were commonly used in pre-show, during-show, and post-show, phases. In phase three, observations and interviews with Florida Exhibitors including the Florida Division of Tourism - were conducted in order to determine to what extent Florida tourism operators measure the effectiveness of their tourism sales promotions. The results indicate that the majority of exhibitors used very few methods of measuring the effectiveness of their promotional activities. Those that were used were found to be mostly subjective and nebulous estimates of inputs rather than outputs.


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