The following are the main findings of this study: 1. All respondents expressed a relativitly high interest in taking the new train attraction when it opens. Eighty eight percent of the local residents, ninety one percent of convention delegates and ninety five percent of tourists, said that they will probably or definitely take the ride. 2. Respondents were willing to pay an admission fee of $15.00 (local residents) to pay $23.00 (tourists) for the round trip. 3. The train ride was perceived to appeal to all market segments: young and old, with our without children, tourists and locals, males and females. 4. The train ride was perceived to be different from other Central Florida attractions, but would be visited by tourists only after have been to other attractions first. 5. All respondents expressed a concern about the availability of parking facilities at the train station in Orlando Tourists and convention delegrates made their train ride contingent upon transportation to and from their hotels. 6. All respondents preferred a variety of entertainment on board, such as: live comedy, mystery, train robbery, Dixieland music, barbershop quartets, sing along, etc. 7. The majority of local redisents did not express an interest in the Mt. Dora overnight package. Tourists and convention delegates, however, expressed a realtively high interest in staying in Mt. Dora overnight. Sixty nine percent of tourists and fifty two percent of convention delegates said that they would probably or definitely stay in Mt. Dora. 8. Those tourists who expressed an interest in staying in Mt. Dora overnight were willing to pay between $75.00 (tourists) and $95.00 (convention delegates), for the complete package.


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