1. The majority of the respondnets had not been to Wet N' Wild previously. 2. Most respodents decided to visit the park a day prior to, or on the day of their visit. 3. Repondents were influenced to visit the park by brochures, their previous experience with Wet N' Wild, and word of mouth recommendations. 4. The most frequently used facilities were the Wave Pool, Raging Rapids, and Lazy River. 5. Most respondents purchased food and beverage in the park and were quite satisfied with quality, prices, and service. Over one third of the respondents visited the Surf Shop and were satisfied with its merchandise and prices. 6. The majority of the respondents were very satisfied with their visit and said that they were likely to come back. 7. Familiarity with other water parks was high; half of the respondents visited other water parks. 8. Billboards, brochures, and TV were the top advertising tools remembered by Wet N' Wild visitors. 9. A very high proportion to tourists watched TV while in Central Florida. 10. Those who were more likely to visit Wet N' Wild had the following characteristics: a. Thought that the food quality, price, and service were good. b. Thought that the Surf Shop merchandise selection and prices were good. c. Thought that Wet N' Wild was the best value for money of all other water parks. d. Did not .think that Wet N' Wild lines were long. e. Did not think that the admission fee to Wet N' Wild was high. f. Thought that Wet N' Wild employees were polite and courteous. g. Had previously visiterd Wet N' Wild. h. Had made the decision to visit Wet N' Wild while in Central Florida. i. Arrived in Florida by car. j. Were local residents (Central Florida residents).


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