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The 2019 Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival (CNSJF) was held during the U.S. Labor Day Weekend between August 29 and August 31. The festival has generated beautiful memories for many and is a compelling magnet for bringing people together. Its sizeable economic contribution, promotional value, and its appeal to new and affluent market segments are the most significant benefits of the CNSJF to the destination. These gripping results make the festival the flagship platform shaping Curaçao's future.

The festival attracted 5,008 international attendees, which spent US$2,522 per trip per person, and US$413 per day per person. Spending per person was 20.4% higher compared to spending at the 2018 festival when spending per day per person was US$343, and 33% more than 2015 (US$311). This spending per person per day is twice as high as the average tourist spending per day (US$171.00).

The 2019 CNSJF's total direct spending is estimated at US$11,005,669, while the total economic contribution of the festival to the island's economy is US$17,121,099. The festival's overall contribution to the island's economy represents two days of Curaçao's GDP output.

The promotional value of the festival is immense, reaching, by one account of the CTB, 22 million potential households in Latin America alone.

Respondents reported that they have a secure emotional connection with the festival expressing brand commitment and loyalty. The festival clearly fulfills the needs of international respondents. Similarly to previous years, overall satisfaction scores exceeded 90%, which is an impressive accomplishment. Respondents' behavioral intentions were also firm revealing intention to return and to recommend the festival to others.


Curacao; North Sea Jazz Festival; CNSJF

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