supply chain management, service operations, service industry supply chain


Supply-chain management is the practice combining theory from logistics, operations management, production management and inventory control. Therefore, it is often associated exclusively with manufacturing or materials management industries. Application of supply-chain management to other industries often results in implementations that do not satisfy the needs of the involved enterprises. To improve the implementation of supply-chain solutions outside of the materials management and manufacturing industries there is a need for industry specific standards. One industry sector in need of a standard is the services industry. The current problem facing the services sector is the inability to adapt current frameworks to the provisioning of a service. Provisioning a service translates into the supply-chain for the services industry since it influences the services supply and demand. A solution to the problem is development of a supply-chain standard specific to the provisioning of a service. Objectives of the research are to define comprehensively, a new services supply-chain model that is applicable to the United States government classification of a service and to ensure the scalability and integration capability of the model. To satisfy these objectives, it is necessary to understand the characteristics describing the services supply-chain process. The characteristics are the input into deriving the processes and terminology of the generalized services supply-chain. Terminology and processes are then used to create a supply-chain framework using input from the Supply-Chain Council's Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model. SCOR provides a foundation for describing the processes and defining the terminology in an already accepted format. A final verification of the model by industry experts insures conceptually that the framework is applicable to the current problem. This research developed a three-level framework similar in structure to the SCOR framework. Presentation of the framework is a specification that defines and sequences the processes for implementation. A detailed case study applies the model using the framework and the definition of a comprehensive supply-chain.


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