The utilization of fuzzy mathematical modeling for the quantification of the Human Engagement is an innovative approach within Interactive Multimedia applications (mainly video-based games designed to entertain or train participants on intended topics of interest) that can result in measurable and repeatable results. These results can then be used to generate a cogent Human Engagement definition. This research is designed to apply proven quantification techniques and Industrial/Systems Engineering methodologies to nontraditional environments such as Interactive Multimedia. The outcomes of this research will provide the foundation, initial steps and preliminary validation for the development of a systematic fuzzy theoretical model to be applied for the quantification of Human Engagement. Why is there a need for Interactive Multimedia applications in commercial and educational environments including K-20 educational systems and industry? In the latter case, the debate over education reform has drawn from referenced areas within the Industrial Engineering community including quality, continuous improvement, benchmarking and metrics development, data analysis, and scientific/systemic justification requirements. In spite of these applications, the literature does not reflect a consistent and broad application of these techniques in addressing the evaluation and quantification of Human Engagement in Interactive Multimedia. It is strongly believed that until an administrative based Human Engagement definition is created and accepted, the benefits of Interactive Multimedia may not be fully realized. The influence of gaming on society is quite apparent. For example, the increased governmental appropriations for iv Simulations & Modeling development as well as the estimated multi-billion dollar consumer PC/console game market are evidence of Interactive Multimedia opportunity. This body of work will identify factors that address the actual and perceived levels of Human Engagement in Interactive Multimedia systems and Virtual Environments and factor degrees of existence necessary to quantify and measure Human Engagement. Finally, the research will quantify the inputs and produce a model that provides a numeric value that defines the level of Human Engagement as it is evaluated within the interactive multimedia application area. This Human Engagement definition can then be used as the basis of study within other application areas of interest.


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