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This study analyzed the performance of a sample of K-12 Assemblies of God Christian school principals on the Christian School Principal Preparation Assessment Questionnaire (CSPPAQ). The CSPPAQ, developed especially for this study, assesses knowledge in three areas: knowledge of the Bible, knowledge of private school law, and knowledge of business and finance. A sample size of 102 was determined using the sample size formula, based on a population of 611and a bound of 4 (+ 2). Numerous school closures over the course of this study caused the population size to drop to 490. This fact, coupled with a 45% survey return rate called for an adjustment of the bound to 6.4 (+ 3.2) for a sample size of 42. The scores in each of the three sub-areas as well as the composite score were then analyzed to determine if there was a statistically significant relationship between principals without a graduate degree and those with a graduate degree in Bible/theology, educational leadership and other (any other graduate degree). A single factor ANOVA procedure was used and determined that no statistically significant relationship exists for mean score in knowledge of the Bible (F=1.05, p > .05). Mean score for knowledge of private school law showed a marginally significant difference (F=2.8, p=.054). Mean score in knowledge of business and finance also showed no significant relationship (F=1.7, p > .05) with the same result for the composite score (F=2.18, p > .05). Mean scores in the areas of private school law and business and finance were low (18.7 and 16.2 respectively). Calculating a percentage score for these areas would compute to 53% (18.7/35) and 54% (16.2/30) respectively, indicating a low knowledge base for these areas. Percentage composite score was also low at 63% (55.2/88). iii The data showed that it did not seem to make a difference whether the respondents had attained a graduate degree in any of the tested fields; there was little or no significant difference in their score. This evidence suggests that no current study program adequately prepares an individual with the knowledge base needed to effectively lead a Christian school, especially in the areas of private school law and business and finance. Given that the review of literature showed that Christian schools most often fail due to financial reasons, this finding is particularly significant. It was suggested that universities look at the principal preparation programs to determine if they can add material which would help to better prepare the Christian school principal. This study indicates a knowledge deficit in the areas of business and finance and private school law, materials added in those areas might prove helpful to this group. Follow-on study was suggested in a larger population of Christian schools, perhaps in the Association of Christian Schools International, to more definitively determine if specially designed graduate programs need to be developed for this population of administrators.


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