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In this dissertation. we document the progress in the control design for a class of MIMO nonlinear uncertain system from five papers. In the first part, we address the problem of adaptive control design for a class of multi-input multi-output (MIMO) nonlinear systems. A Lypaunov based singularity free control law, which compensates for parametric uncertainty in both the drift vector and the input gain matrix, is proposed under the mild assumption that the signs of the leading minors of the control input gain matrix are known. Lyapunov analysis shows global uniform ultimate boundedness (GUUB) result for the tracking error under full state feedback (FSFB). Under the restriction that only the output vector is available for measurement, an output feedback (OFB) controller is designed based on a standard high gain observer (HGO) stability under OFB is fostered by the uniformity of the FSFB solution. Simulation results for both FSFB and OFB controllers demonstrate the efcacy of the MIMO control design in the classical 2-DOF robot manipulator model. In the second part, an adaptive feedback control is designed for a class of MIMO nonlinear systems containing parametric uncertainty in both the drift vector and the input gain matrix, which is assumed to be full-rank and non-symmetric in general. Based on an SDU decomposition of the gain matrix, a singularity-free adaptive tracking control law is proposed that is shown to be globally asymptotically stable (GAS) under full-state feedback. iii Output feedback results are facilitated via the use of a high-gain observer (HGO). Under output feedback control, ultimate boundedness of the error signals is obtained the size of the bound is related to the size of the uncertainty in the parameters. An explicit upper bound is also provided on the size of the HGO gain constant. In third part, a class of aeroelastic systems with an unmodeled nonlinearity and external disturbance is considered. By using leading- and trailing-edge control surface actuations, a full-state feedforward/feedback controller is designed to suppress the aeroelastic vibrations of a nonlinear wing section subject to external disturbance. The full-state feedback control yields a uniformly ultimately bounded result for two-axis vibration suppression. With the restriction that only pitching and plunging displacements are measurable while their rates are not, a high-gain observer is used to modify the full-state feedback control design to an output feedback design. Simulation results demonstrate the ef cacy of the multi-input multioutput control toward suppressing aeroelastic vibration and limit cycle oscillations occurring in pre and post utter velocity regimes when the system is subjected to a variety of external disturbance signals. Comparisons are drawn with a previously designed adaptive multi-input multi-output controller. In the fourth part, a continuous robust feedback control is designed for a class of high-order multi-input multi-output (MIMO) nonlinear systems with two degrees of freedom containing unstructured nonlinear uncertainties in the drift vector and parametric uncertainties in the high frequency gain matrix, which is allowed to be non-symmetric in general. Given some mild assumptions on the system model, a singularity-free continuous robust tracking coniv trol law is designed that is shown to be semi-globally asymptotically stable under full-state feedback through a Lyapunov stability analysis. The performance of the proposed algorithm have been verified on a two-link robot manipulator model and 2-DOF aeroelastic model.


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Behal, Aman


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November 2012

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